Can the MPVS system be used to record PV data from the right ventricle in small and large animals?

As there has become a greater clinical interest in right heart dysfunction and its effect on overall cardiovascular health, A growing number of researchers are studying right ventricle (RV) pressure volume (PV) loops with the MPVS system in both small and large animals. Because RV PV is a relatively new area of research, there are a limited number of publications available (see attached selection of citations). 

In order to account for the differences in the RV loops compared to LV loops we introduced two new algorithms into the PV Loop Module 2.5. This is designed to give you improved, automatic detection of end-systole for both right and left ventricular PV loops, and in situations where your PV loop may take on a more 'triangular' shape.

A video explaining the changes can be found here .

RV function in MCT-PAH by Millar catheter_AJP2006.pdf
Note: Due to the geometry of the RV in some animals (e.g. mice), there are limitations in obtaining accurate absolute volume measurements when using the MPVS conductance system. The system has not been designed or intended to be used to measure RV PV data in small animals as the RV is not as cylindrical in shape as compared to the LV for recording accurate volume measurements. However, some researchers continue to pursue their scientific commitment in obtaining RV PV Loop Data with the MPVS system (see attached LabChart files).