Can a push button switch be substituted for the pulse transducer used in Exercises 4 - 8 of the Reflexes and Reaction Times LabTutor 4 Experiment?

Yes, substituting a push button switch, either the MLA92 Push Button Switch or the MLA92/D Push Button Switch, for the recommended pulse transducer, either the MLT1010/D Peizo Electric Pulse Transducer (DIN), the MLT1010 Peizo Electric Pulse Transducer, or the TN1012/ST Pulse Transducer (DIN) does not require that the experiment be modified in any way. The only notible difference will occur if an MLA92/D Push Button Switch is connected to Channel 1 as it outputs a 1 volt signal versus the MLA92 Push Button Switch's approximately 6 volt output signal. This difference in output amplitudes will not adversely affect the experiment.