Can sections of Data from a LabTutor Kernel File be split up in to separate Data Files in LabTutor?

It is possible to split up a Data File in to separate Data Files within LabAuthor. To do this:

1. Create the required number of Data Files (.labdat files) within LabAuthor by right-clicking on the Data Files heading in the left-hand heading and selecting 'Create New Data File'

2. Open the LabTutor Kernel layer within LabAuthor. Click the large Data File you wish to split off into additional files from the list at the bottom.

3. Select the portion of data you wish to split into another file, by clicking and holding and dragging across the data of interest.

4. Press Ctrl + C (or Edit | Copy LabTutor Kernel Data) to copy the selected section of Data into one of the blank Data (.labdat) files:


5. Open one of your  blank Data (.labdat) files, and press Ctrl + V (or Edit | Paste) to paste in the Data: