Can Student Data be overlaid with Example Data within a LabTutor Experiment for comparison?

It is possible to overlay a Student's Recorded Data with Example Data, assuming that Example Data is configured for the Experiment. This requires some editing within LabAuthor.
To achieve this, you will need to set the LabTutor Panel to 'Records Overlay' Display Mode within LabAuthor:

To Access the Properties, right-click on the LabTutor Panel

This overlays each Record (a Record is simply defined as a continuous recording). When Example Data is added, it will be added as a new Record, and subsequently Overlaid with the Student's Data:
Record 1 -  Example Data    Record 2 - Student Data
To better overlay the data, you could optionally set the Sampling Duration for a Student's recording to be the same length as the Example Data. This can be achieved by adding a 'Start Button' page item, and editing its Properties to configure the Recording Duration and prevent the Students from stopping the Sampling:
In this Example Experiment, the Student's Recording Duration has been set to the length of the Example Data Recording (51.55s). Thus, when the Student's recording stops, they are both of the same duration and will therefore be overlaid precisely.