Is the Digitimer Spike Processor D130 compatible with PowerLab and LabChart?

The Digitmer D130 can be adapted for use with the PowerLab quite easily.  The 4mm, +5V sockets (Red) and the
corresponding 4mm ground sockets can be used to record/monitor the UPPER, WINDOW, LOWER,  RECORDER, and, MONITOR signals (see page 2 of the Digitimer D130 manual)
with the PowerLab’s analog inputs and/or the digital inputs.  The UPPER,
WINDOW, and LOWER signals
, can be input to the digital input connector on
the back of the PowerLab (see Page 33 of
the PowerLab Owner’s Guide
), or recorded with the analog inputs on
the front of the PowerLab.  If recording
the UPPER, WINDOW, and LOWER signals
with the analog inputs, it is recommended to sample at approximately 40k samples/second as the TTL pulses being generated
by the D130 have very short periods. 
The RECORDER and MONITOR signals can only be recorded with the PowerLab's analog inputs. 


Unfortunately, the SYNC signal’s
period is too short to be recorded/monitored by either the PowerLab's analog or digital inputs.  Additionaly,
the BCD output (uses the 15-pin
connector on the back of the unit) appears to use a digital communication
standard.  Neither the PowerLab or
LabChart is compatible with this type of digital communication protocol.