General Methodology (Good Practice) and Troubleshooting of Isolated Tissue-Organ Bath

General Methodology Tips:
1) Refresh your biological, anatomical and biochemical knowledge before starting any experiment. It is necessary to understand the science properly so that you can construct the correct research model.
2) Select the most appropriate research method that clearly addresses your scientific question.
3) Select appropriate species/tissues depending on availability in your laboratory and relevance to your scientific aims.
4) Do not waste time if your preparation is not working correctly. If no response is obtained, then change the species/tissue sample.
Troubleshooting Tips:
If you are experiencing repeated experimental failures, please check the following possible causes before contacting your ADInstruments representative for support:
1) Faulty buffer (not freshly prepared)
2) Inactive drug (expired usage)
3) Inadequate Tissue Oxygenation
4) Inappropriate resting/basal pre-tension
5) Inappropriate experimental/environmental temperature
6) Incorrect tissue preparation or dead tissue