Having used a Temporary License for LabChart, why is my new Full License code not being accepted?

When utilizing a temporary license code, LabChart requires the 'Organization' be set to 'For evaluation use only' - when set to this, the License Manager is looking only for Temporary License codes, which consist of 14 characters. This means that full license codes, which only have 12 characters, are registered as invalid.
To resolve the issue, delete all temporary licenses in the License Manager, and change the 'Organization' to something other than 'For evaluation use only' (such as your Institution / Faculty). You will then be able to enter your full LabChart license code. You cannot use both a temporary license and a full license within a single copy of LabChart.

The License Manager can be accessed by:
  • Opening LabChart
  • Selecting the 'Edit' menu
  • Selecting 'Preferences'
If your copy of LabChart has no active licenses, the License Manager will appear immediately upon opening the LabChart application.

NB: Please ensure you retain the LabChart DVD case that displays your license code - only a partial code is displayed for current licenses in the License Manager