How to automate setting individual channel heights in Chart View?

In case you have many channels in Chart View, but need to focus on different ones during the experiment, you can use your mouse pointer to drag the channel separators to maximize certain channels.
To automate this you can create custom layouts to switch between different layouts. Note, you can only create up to six different layouts. To create a new Layout, arrange the channels as you wish to have them and click on  'new layout' icon in the tool bar:
For further information read the LabChart Help document or contact your ADInstruments Support Team.
A second way to automate channel height settings is to utilize the macro functionality within LabChart. The attached LabChart file includes a macro MultiChannelFocus. When executed it asks the user to enter one or more channel numbers (separated by comma) and then maximizes their channel height, while all other channels are minimized.
To import the macro into your Data or Settings File open it and choose Macro > Manage... and then select Import...