How can I add the desktop shortcut to LabTutor Client when installing using the .MSI installer?

By design, the .msi installer for LabTutor does not add a desktop shortcut after installing LabTutor Client. When installing using the recommended installer (.exe) the installation connects to your LabTutor Server and prompts you to download LabTutor Client, at which time it grabs the LabTutor Server name and creates it as a Desktop Shortcut.
A workaround here is to pass in an additional parameter to the msi installation command via an elevated command prompt. Note: you'll need to have LabTutor Server installed first for this to work, and you need to have the URL of your LabTutor Server handy.

Substitute the URL listed below for your own LabTutor Server URL. Note in this example my .msi is on my Desktop, and I have browsed to this location first. If your MSI is installed elsewhere, you'll need to change to that path first, or specify the path in the command line.

C:\Users\nlittle\Desktop>msiexec.exe /i LabTutorSetup_v4.5.2.msi STUDENTSHORTCUT="" /qb 

Additional commands for MSI installations can be found in the help section of your LabTutor Server, by searching deployment.