How can I Import Data written in LabChart 7.1 or later into LabAuthor 4?

LabTutor 4's acquisition is run using the LabTutor Kernel. The LabTutor Kernel is based on LabChart 7.0.3, which means that data written in LabChart 7.1 or later cannot be directly imported into LabTutor (via LabAuthor).

It is, however, possible to import these files indirectly if you use the latest version of LabChart 7 or LabChart 8 in tandem with LabChart 6. This can be achieved by following these steps:

1. Save the LabChart file as an ADInstruments Simple Data File (.adidat), by going to File | Export and selecting the .adidat file format:

2. Open the .adidat file using LabChart 6 (note that you will need to select 'All Files' in order to see the .adidat file):

3. Re-save the file as a LabChart 6 data file

4. Import the LabChart 6 file into LabAuthor, by right-clicking on Data Files, and choosing to search for LabChart Files: