How can I modify a LabTutor Experiment to use a Student's Recorded Data as Example Data for future sessions of this Experiment?

It is possible to set a Student's Recorded Data as Example Data for an Experiment for future sessions of that Experiment - to do this, follow the steps below:
(Note that Example Data added will be seen by all Students - you cannot have different Example Data for different Students.)
Exporting a Student's Data from the LabTutor Server:

1. Log in to your LabTutor Server

2. Go to the 'Student Data' tab
3. Click the 'Find and Manage' section
4. Search for the Experiment of interest
5. Click the 'Pencil' icon:
6. Click the Blue Arrow next to the student / group who's data
you wish to Export:

7. This will save the Student's data as a LabChart file.
Transfer this to a machine running LabAuthor

You can import this into the Experiment in LabAuthor by opening
the experiment in LabAuthor.
Importing an Exported File into LabAuthor

1. Go to the Data Files tab in the Resource Menu
at the left-hand side

2. Right-click on the Data Files heading, and select 'Import'

3. Select the LabChart Data File you transferred in Step 7 above
4. Replace the existing .labdat files in Data Panels with the newly imported Data File (Note: you may need to change settings in tables / graphs linked to the old Data File)
5. Follow the steps here for setting example data.
6. Change the version Number of the Experiment under 'Experiment Properties', save and upload to your Server.
Important Note: Use Preview Mode Mode (F12) to check all tables, graphs and other components that relate to the LabTutor Data Panels are functioning correctly.