How can I see a list of students sorted by course on my LabTutor 4 server?

The ability to sort student lists to show all students with access to a particular course is currently unavailable in the LabTutor 4 suite.  However, several of our customers have used the following workaround.

Student Usernames are set as their university issued ID number, which is the account they log in to for their institution's learning management system (LMS).  This way, the student does not have to remember multiple account ID's. The student's user ID in LabTutor is a code the Server Administrator generates, the format is: year+courseid+section#+a two digit number. For example, the course PNB 2274, Section 1 will have the following user ID's for 14 students:

This way, if you search 2015227401, all the section 1 students will be displayed. 

A second customer has simply used the Given name field as the course/section ID and imports both first and last names into the Family name field.
Please Note: Do not include spaces in these fields,this will prevent the advanced search options for working properly.