How can I select my catheter in the MPVS control software, it is not listed?

Currently the MPVS control software for use with the MPVS Ultra system has not been updated to reflect the introduction of the Ventri-Caths. It is possible to modify the catheters listed so that the parameters are correct for the Ventri-Cath that is being used.
1.Launch the MPVS Ultra control software from either the workflow in PV loop or directly from your program files.
2.In the first Tab, Click on ‘Catheter configuration Locked’. This will activate the page and allow changes to be made.


3.Choose a catheter from the list that has characteristics most like the Ventri-Cath that is being used
4.Click on 'create new catheter' to make the small changes required to the name and model as required.  Also adjust any other fields if necessary.


5.If there is a short period of inactivity,the catheter interface will relock and you will have to repeat step 2.