How can I use LabChart to program the ML1001 Stimulator?

You can use the Stimulator feature in LabChart to control the ML1001 by plugging the Analog Output of the PowerLab to the MODU input on the back panel of the ML1001. Set the hardware front panel settings to maximum amplitude, maximum number of pulses, and minimum interval between pulses, and then you can choose the pulses you wish to send using the Stimulator dialog in the LabChart Setup menu. 
You can learn more about the LabChart stimulator feature in our webinar archived at the link Here.
Here is the description of the MODU input on the rear panel of the ML1001, with a figure showing what the stimulator sends out for a given input waveform:
MODU (Modulation signal input terminal) – Input the signal to this terminal to modulate the
external waveform by internal oscillation. When the waveform has been modulated by the internally
created pulse, it can be output by pressing the MODU key on the front panel after connecting the
signal (Figure 4b).
Input impedance: approx. 100 k?
Effective input voltage range: ±10 V