How can LabTutor be integrated to work with Moodle?

There are three possible solutions to integrate LabTutor with Moodle. The answer ultimately depends on how you want to use LabTutor with Moodle.

  1. You can link to the LabTutor 4 login page from Moodle, which is nice because users don't have to remember or type the address to access LabTutor Server. Users will still need to log in to LabTutor once they're there - it won't automatically log them in.
  2. Another option is to synchronize student details (username, user id, password, etc) through exporting a class list from Moodle and importing it into LabTutor. This means students can use the same logon details between the two systems. See the LabTutor Server Help Center, Students / Import section for guidance.
  3. Also, new in LabTutor 4.5 is the ability to export student answers from LabTutor.  Combining this feature with exported class lists from Moodle you can have students take a multi-choice test in LabTutor, export the answers and mark them externally then import the marks back into Moodle.