How can a LabTutor ".dat " data file be converted/exported to text format?

LabTutor was designed to be an integrated data acquisition and analysis program, thus exporting data to other formats is a multistep process that requires administrator access on your local server

The steps for exporting student data to the LabChart ".adicht" data file format can be found in LabTutor 4.5 Suite Admin Guide on page 163 under the heading Export Student Data.  The LabTutor 4.5 Suite Admin Guide can be accessed by clicking HERE

In brief, the steps are as follows:   

1. Go to the Student Data tab.
2. Use the Find and Manage
page to locate the experiment.
3. Click Edit
4. Under History
select the data.
5. Click Export
6. The exported file can be opened with LabChart 7.0 or later. 

Once the data is exported, the resulting LabChart Data file can then be converted/exported to a Text file in LabChart