How can the license code information for previously installed versions of LabTutor, LabAuthor or LabChart be removed?

The license code information for all ADInstruments software products is logged in the Application Configuration.ADICfg file.  To clear this information, you will need to delete this file after uninstalling the software.  You can accomplish this by following the steps listed below.

  1. In Windows 7 or earlier, left mouse click on the Windows Start button, select the Control Panel option from the Start Menu, and in the Control Panel pop-up window select Folder Options.  In the Folder Options pop-up window, left mouse click on the View Tab, click the radio button to show Hidden Folder, Drives, and Files, left mouse click the Apply Button, and left mouse click the Okay Button.  In Windows 8 and Windows 10, press the Windows Key + X shortcut key combination, and select the Control Panel option from the pop-up menu that appears.  Next, left mouse click the Appearances and Personalization option in the Control Panel pop-up window, and select Folder Options.  The required steps from this point forward are identical to those used in Windows 7 and earlier. 
  2. Now, open the computer's local disk (usually the C:\ drive) in Windows Explorer.
  3. Under the Local disk folder you will see a folder named Program Data.  Open this folder, and delete the ADInstruments Folder in it. 

The Application Configuration.ADICfg file (as well as all Adinstruments software log files) will now be deleted from the computer.