How to clean the GSR Fingerelectrodes (Ag-AgCl)

The GSR electrodes (MLA0118) and GSR finger electrodes, MR safe (MLT117/f) use silver/silver chloride electrodes in a plastic housing. It is recommend to use isotonic gel with these electrodes to improve skin contact and GSR recording quality. Please follow these steps to clean the electrodes:

  • Scoop as much of the gel away from the electrode and housing, using a dry cotton swab or two
  • Use a fresh cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the electrode face and housing.
  • For stubbornly adhered gel removal, gentle scrub with a soft brush after moistening with alcohol.
Note: A double-sided adhesive ring holds the electrode into the housing, and it generally takes quite a bit of alcohol or stronger solvents to degrade that.
The velcro strap can be carefully rinsed under warm water followed by placing the electrodes in moving air so they can quickly dry out. Be careful that no water is left on the electrode! This can initiate electrolysis that will destroy the electrode. For the same reason: never submerge the electrode in water!