How do I automatically record and save data for multiple times and days in LabChart?

This can be accomplished with the LabChart Scheduler, a free extension for LabChart that allows for long-term, unattended recording with auto-save functionality. The installer file for it can be downloaded HERE.  Scheduler is a unique tool that allows for specific time intervals to be recorded and auto-saved based on either time from start of file or time of day. 

Once added in the LabChart Feature Manager, the Scheduler settings can be accessed through the "Scheduler..." option in the LabChart Setup Menu. When this option is selected the pop-up settings window pictured below will appear.

The autosave function will reference a previously saved *.adicht data file, so you must first save and name your file prior to recording.

To record over several days, it's recommended to auto-save the file at a consistent intervals of several hours at the most.  Long recording intervals without auto-save can risk lost data in the event of crashes or power failures.

If you require further assistance with the Scheduler Extension, please contact your local ADInstruments Technical Support.