How do I change the width of the experiment page?

In the Experiment properties dialog you can specify a Page Canvas size. You can choose from the defaults or enter a custom size (minimum size = 800 x 600, maximum size = 2000 x 1600).

 - Standard (1000 x 745) suitable for  4:3 monitor resolutions, such as 1280 x 1024.

 - Wide Screen (1240 x 640) suitable for 16:9 wide screen monitor resolutions, such as 1280 x 800, displayed in full screen mode.

 - iMac (1400 x 740), suitable for 17" iMac computers in full screen mode.

Note that the canvas size excludes the header and footer, as well as the Internet explorer and Windows display (menu bars, toolbars, etc.). All ADInstruments experiments are designed at the standard canvas size.