How do I configure ConfigSoft for the Kaha Optogenetics Telemeter?

The Rat Telemeter tab (see below) in ConfigSoft will have all the functions required to setup and control the Optogenetics Telemeter. By selecting the Optogenetics Telemeter Setup button, the corresponding window will appear with the current optogenetics parameters of the telemeter.
Note: The Optogenetics Telemeter Setup window will not appear if the telemeter with the entered serial number cannot be found on the chosen Channel. If the LED is enabled, then the current light parameters will be active and the LED will be flashing.
All commands and parameters the user can set on the Optogenetics Telemeter are listed in the table below. The parameters are only changed on the telemeter once the user presses Set Parameters at which time the new settings are wirelessly sent from the Configurator to the telemeter.