How do I convert the data from my G-Tec amplifier into the correct signal amplitude in LabChart?

When using the GT201 16-Channel g.BSamp amplifier from G-Tec, it is important to apply a suitable units conversion in LabChart.
The range/amplification setting of the g.BSamp is selected using a DIP-switch on the back of the unit with 2 options available for each channel, 5mV and 500uV.  The Output of the unit is +/-5V.  Therefore, if the amplification on the g.BSamp is set at 500 ?V then the amplifier will provide a voltage output of ± 5 V for ± 500 ?V.
You can use Units Conversion in the channel drop down menu to apply the values as the relationship is linear between 0-5V. Using the example above, the two-point calibration would be: Unit 1: 0 V = 0 ?V; Unit 2: 5V = 500 ?V.
Any further amplification can then be applied using the Range settings in LabChart. So, if the range is set at 1V in the Chart Input Amplifier dialog box, then a range of ± 100 ?V will be recorded.