How do I create example data?

An author of an experiment can record and embed some example data into a LabTutor data panel that demonstrates what the user should see when the experiment is carried out. Creating and adding example data is carried out in the LabTutor interface while in authoring mode: from LabAuthor, preview the experiment, and record the data in the panel displayed in the browser.

Recording example data is identical to recording data normally. Once the data is recorded, all that is needed is to tag the data as example data:

  1. Select the data in the LabTutor panel that you want to become example data.
  2. Click the mark records as example data button.

A student performing the experiment will now be able to access the example data by right-clicking on the Start/Stop button and selecting Add Example Data, provided this has been configured in the LabTutor Server Admin pages.

Adding example data to Data Panels in Overlay Mode

If example data is required to be displayed in overlay mode, the set-up is slightly different. To activate overlay mode, right-click the data panel and click Properties... and choose the required display mode from the drop-down.

  1. Record data as usual in Record or Channel Overlay mode.
  2. Right-click on the data panel and click Properties...
  3. Set the display mode back to Standard (no data will be lost)
  4. Select and assign example data as per above
  5. Right-click on the data panel and click Properties... and return to your chosen display mode.

Example data will now be set for all overlaid channels previously recorded.