How do I export data files in LabChart 7 for Windows?

Before attempting to export data in LabChart 7 for Windows, ensure that you are using the latest version of LabChart 7 for Windows, version 7.3.7, by left mouse clicking on the Help menu and selecting the "About LabChart" option.  If you are not, the installer for version 7.3.7 can be downloaded and installed for free from HERE.

In LabChart for Windows version 7.3.7, follow these steps to export data to other file formats.
  1. Left mouse click the File menu, and select the "Export..." option.
  2. The Export  As Pop-up Window will now appear.
  3. Name the file as desired
  4. Select the desired file export type from the "Save as type:" drop-down list.
  5. Left mouse click the "Save Button".
If you need further assistance, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.