How do I get my LabTutor Server ready for a new semester (e.g. remove pervious semesters course student data)

You have a few options here depending on what your data retention policy is: 
  1. If you need to keep all recorded data etc, you will need to create a new course in the Admin Pages for your next semesters stream. In LabTutor v4.5 or later courses now have a 'Course name' and 'Display name', meaning you can set up multiple instances of the same course with different internal names for streams and students will only ever see the 'Display name'. This method of creating a new course for each stream will allow you to retain all the student data for previous courses.
  2. If you only need to keep a recorded of the submitted report pages, then you can use the Archiving feature in LabTutor. Archiving a course will convert the final student report page in experiments to a PDF and make them available to students and administrators in the Archive tab in LabTutor. Archiving a course helps reduce the amount of student data that needs to be stored on LabTutor Server, however it is important to remember that Archiving a course will result in the deletion of all recorded student data once the process is completed and it can not be undone.
Please see the LabTutor Server help pages for more information.