How do I interface FHC microelectrodes with the FE185 Neuroamp EX?

FHC microelectrodes are supplied ready to interface directly with the headstage of the Neuroamp EX (FE185).  They are supplied in pairs with male amphenol connectors, one has a white tag and one has a blue tag.

White Tag = Active Electrode

Blue Tag = Reference Electrode

Three female Amphenol sockets provide inputs for the headstage. The positive and negative terminals are adjacent, while the ground terminal is further away. The positive terminal is distinguished by a slightly recessed surround.


Therefore the electrode with the white tag should be connected to the positive input and the one with the blue tag should be connected to the negative input. The ground input on the headstage should be connected to a snap on lead wire (Not Supplied) and located onto the subject just prior to recording.

The headstage then connects into the five pin input socket on the front panel of the amplifier. Further details can be found in the NeuroampEX User Guide.

NB these guidelines are for FHC microelectrodes.  Other microelectrodes are available and may have slightly different characteristics.