How do I regenerate the browser security certificate to avoid the browser warning when accessing LabTutor Server?

There are two scenarios for which you may be required to regenerate a browser security certificate manually. These are:

  • If the host name (or computer name) has been altered since installing the certificate, browser warnings will reappear. The browser certificate will need to be regenerated to match the new host name.
  • If the host name is different to the name you use to connect to LabTutor Server Admin Pages. For example, in larger institutions where LabTutor Server is part of a centralized domain, a DNS forwarder may have been established by the iT department to allow easier connection to the Admin pages.

To manually regenerate the certificate:

  1. On the machine running LabTutor Server, ensure all browsers are closed and you are not currently logged in to LabTutor Server.
  2. Navigate to Start > All Programs > ADInstruments > LabTutor Server > Generate Admin Pages Certificate to run the utility.
  3. Click Yes if prompted by User Account Control.
  4. The utility will launch and automatically populate the host name field. This suggested name will likely be your current computer name, so may not require changing. However if your host name is different, as per the second example above, you will need to type the name which you use to connect to LabTutor Server.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the preferred name, click Generate.
  6. To implement the newly generated certificate, you must now restart the LabTutor Server services. Either restart the computer or navigate to Start > All Programs > ADInstruments > LabTutor Server > Service Controller (right-click) > Run as administrator. Click Stop, and once the services have ceased, press Start to restart.
  7. Reinstall the certificate by following the procedure below:
    1. Log in to the LabTutor Server Admin pages and navigate to Server > Configuration and click the Download Certificate link. 
    2. Click Open in the File Download dialog. 
    3. Click Install Certificate in the Certificate Information dialog. 
    4. Click Next
    5. Select Place all Certificates in the Following Store, select Browse and choose the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. 
    6. Follow the reamaining steps in the Certificate Import Wizard.