How do I replace the force transducer on a DMT620M Chamber?

If the force transducer breaks and needs to be replaced, follow this step-by-step replacement procedure carefully:

  1. Remove the pin or jaw from the transducer pin coming out of the transducer house.
  2. Disconnect the Myograph Chamber from the interface.
  3. Turn the Myograph Chamber upside down and remove the transducer housing by loosening the two screws (A+B) as illustrated:
4. The replacement transducer will be shipped with the new transducer inside the new transducer house.
5. Place a small amount of vacuum grease (clear or whitish grease) around the bottom of the transducer housing to seal the transducer housing when put back in place.
6. Carefully realign the transducer housing with the new transducer on the Myograph Chamber and reinsert the allen screws through the bottoms of the Myograph Chamber.
7. Tighten the screws and place some vacuum grease around the transducer pin that protrudes from the transducer housing. Make sure that the hole is completely sealed to prevent buffer solution or water from entraining the transducer housing and damaging the new force transducer. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Calibrate the new force transducer before performing a new experiment. 

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