How do I replace the glass component of Radnoti Water-jacketed Flex Tubing?

On occassions it may be necessary to replacethe glass component of Radnoti's  Water-jacketed Flex Tubing.  To do this, follow the simple procedure outlined below.

Removing Glass component:

1.Unscrew 120730 (or 120729-01 and 120731) connector and set aside
2.Unscrew 160169 black cap and set aside
3.Remove and discard orange ferrule 130155-002.  It may be necessary to cut the inner tubing down to achieve this.
4.Remove 120727 and 120733 white connector and set aside
5.Remove the Glass component 130155-003 and discard if broken. The glass and external tubing can be separated by placing in warm water if required.
6.    If you cut the inner tubing in step 3, cut the outer tubing accordingly.

Replacing Glass component:

1.Fit new Glass piece to the external tubing (again heat up tubing to ease connection on glass piece if required) making sure internal tubing 130155-001X is through the middle and a sufficient length.
2.Feed internal tubing (130155-001X) through white connector (120727/120733-002)
3.Secure new orange ferrule to the end of tubing (130155-001x) and then position into white connector (120727/120733-002) For a good fit secure with plumbers tape
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4.Reconnect Black cap (160169)
5.Reconnect 120730 connector for completion.