How do I reset an Administrator or Instructor password in LabTutor Server?

Administrator and Instructor passwords may be reset in the following ways:

Use the installed 'Reset Admin Password' utility which is accessible from Start > All Programs > ADInstruments > LabTutor Server > Reset Admin Password of the computer LabTutor Server is installed on. Upon running, this utility will stop LabTutor Services and prompt the user to enter the Administrator's username (case-sensitive) into a command window. A temporary password will then be generated on screen- be sure to take note of this.  Instructor account passwords cannot be reset with this method.

In the LabTutor Server Admin Pages, select the Edit Administrator page in the you can edit the user name, role, email address, and reset the password for any administrator or instructor. This page also displays the date of the last login. Remember to click Save before you navigate away from the Edit Administrator page.

To reset an Administrator/Instructor password:

  1. Go to the Server tab of the Admin Pages.

  2. Select the Administrators page.

  3. Find the administrator whose password needs resetting.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Click Reset password.

  6. A temporary password will be displayed for this user. Provide this temporary password to the relevant user, who can use this to define a new password when they next log in.  

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0 or later.

If you still require assistance after reviewing these instructions, please contact an ADInstruments Technical Support Representative.