How do I set up course grouping?

Course groupings allow you to organize  your courses in a way that makes the most sense to your Institution. Currently only visible to administrators. We will be seeking feedback to see if this should also be visible to students and staff.

Only Instance Administrators can create course groups.

Enter the Instance Administration menu, click  “Course Groups” and then “New” to create a new course group and give it a name.

While course groups are currently only visible to Administrators, we may be making them available to all staff and students in the future so it is worth considering a name carefully.

Instance Administrators can also rename or remove groups by selecting them from the list.

If a Group is removed, any courses in that group will revert to the default, being grouped by the primary Course Administrator for that course.

Once a group has been created, course administrators can add a course to the appropriate group from the course settings card.

Or a group can be selected when creating a new course.