How do I use the MLA191 Calibration Kit to calibrate my new Laser Doppler Flow Probe?

New Flow Probes can be calibrated by following the procedure outlined below (Note: calibration instructions are included with the MLA191 when purchased)
Initial Preparations

Before starting this it is advisable to have a stable workbench free from vibration. A clamp to hold the probe reliably in the suspension is provided in the calibration kit. 

Set up the probe in the center of the suspension, with the measuring surface of the probe at a maximum distance from all edges of the vessel. Note that calibration can be abandoned at any time by removing the probe or by pressing the CAL button on the Flow Meter during the calibration.


1. Ensure the probe has been properly initialized (left connected to the Flow Meter) for at least 10 minutes prior to attempting the calibration (to allow for the temperature to stabilize)

2. Using the positioning clamps provided with the MLA191 Calibration Kit, immerse the probe to mid-depth in the calibration solution.

3. Press the CAL button once. A single beep is emitted, followed by a series of double beeps, lasting approximately 20 seconds.

4. While the beeping continues, press the CAL button once. A long beep will sound and the red and amber lights will flash for approximately 25 seconds.

5. A double beep will sound to indicate the end of the calibration, confirming the calibration. After five seconds, the red indicator light returns toamber and the unit is ready for use.

During calibration keep the bench free of vibration and movement as this may invalidate the result. Generally a probe does not require re-calibration unless a new or replacement probe is introduced.