How is Instructors Material uploaded for custom experiments in LabTutor 4?

Instructors Material must be incorporated into an experiment installer, and the installer file uploaded and installed on the server for the instructors material to be visible in the Server's Admin pages.

  1. On the computer used to create the custom experiment, create a new folder inside the experiment's directory named Instructors Material
  2. Add to this new folder the documents that you wish to include with the experiment
  3. Open the experiment in LabAuthor
  4. Save an installer of the experiment. LabAuthor will include the contents of the Instructors Material folder in the installer package
  5. Upload and install the packaged experiment on LabTutor Server
  6. The contents of the Instructors Material folder can now be accessed via the Instructors Material tab in the Admin Pages.

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0 or later.