How to run a sequence of different stimulation protocols on the STG 4000 series stimulation generator

The stimulus generator STG4000 series comes with the MC_Stimulus II software. Stimuli are created user-friendly by entering the desired pulses into a worksheet and then uploaded to the hardware. Please refer to the manual for further information. 

Triggering a sequence of stimulation protocols
The Batch mode is useful if you want to start a sequence of different stimulation protocols one after the other on the same trigger (Trigger 1). Please make sure that you have assigned all channels to Trigger 1 in the Trigger Settings dialog box. You set up the protocols and save them as separate stimulus files. Then, you set up a batch file with a list of the desired stimulus files. The first file in the list is downloaded and started directly after the download, or started manually with the software or hardware controls, or started on a trigger. After the first file has been run, the second file in the list is downloaded, and so on. A detailed procedure can be found in the user's guide chapter 10.5 on page 64.

In brief, create you first stimulus protocol and save (File > Save as...) to your computer. Repeat this step for the other stimulation protocols. Note: it might be easier to create different Stimulus protocols in a text editor as an ACSII-file and import these. Please refer to the manual.
Now you have to set up a batch file (.stb) first, which lists the full path of all files that you like to download as a batch. The batch file has to be exactly in the following format (the path might be different):

Multi Channel Systems MCS MC_Stimulus
Batch Control File
Version 1.00
c:\Program Files\Multi Channel Systems\MC_Stimulus II\BatchExample\Stim1.stm
c:\Program Files\Multi Channel Systems\MC_Stimulus II\BatchExample\Stim2.stm
c:\Program Files\Multi Channel Systems\MC_Stimulus II\BatchExample\Stim3.stm
In the software go to Batch > Open to open the batch file and the Batch Status Display opens, which lists the stimulus protocols.
Go to Batch > Start to download the first file in the list.
Warning: The STG starts immediately after the download if the option Start STG after Batch Download on the Settings menu has been selected. Make sure to deselect this option if you do not want to start the stimulation right away.
If you select the Autorepeat Batch Mode option on the Settings menu, the batch is restarted
with the first file after the last file in the batch has been finished.
Please read the manual carefully, which describes the steps in more detail.