How should Learning Modules be named and ordered?

  1. In LabAuthor, navigate to Edit > Experiment Properties.
  2. Define an Experiment title: This should be kept brief and only describe that discrete learning module component. i.e. "Tutorial", as opposed to "Autonomic Nervous System - Tutorial".
  3. Check the box labeled Learning module: and define a title for your learning module. All experiments that you want to include in this learning module must be given the same learning module title. N.B: If you have previously authored a learning module, it will be available from the drop-down for this field.
  4. Define an Order: for this learning module component. For example, if 'Tutorial' is the first learning module component, the number '10' should be assigned as its order. Assigning orders in increments of '10' means that supplementary or alternative components can easily be integrated into an existing learning module, without having to reassign the entire order. i.e. if an educator decides to implement a second tutorial component, they may do so, and assign any number from '11-19' as its order (assuming the next component's order is '20')
Repeat steps 1-4 for each component of a given learning module, giving each a relevant title and order number. i.e. For a Blood Pressure Learning Module comprising a tutorial, pre-lab quiz, laboratory session, patient case study and evaluation, the following attributes would be applied in the Experiment Properties dialog for each:
  • Learning Module title: 'Blood Pressure'
  • Experiment title: 'Tutorial'; Order: '10'
  • Experiment title: 'Pre-lab Quiz'; Order: '20'
  • Experiment title: 'Laboratory Session'; Order: '30'
  • Experiment title: 'Patient Case Study'; Order: '40'
  • Experiment title: 'Evaluation'; Order: '50'

Other considerations:

  • In the student pages, the learning module title is displayed as the 'parent' of the learning module drop-down.
  • Ensure the Experiment author is identical for every component of the learning module
  • The experiment installer will save with the following attributes: '<Learning module name> - <Experiment title>.ltexp

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.5 and later.