If I add different versions of the same Experiment to a Course in LabTutor Server, why do I only see one Experiment as a Student?

Whilst it is possible to add multiple versions of an Experiment to a single Course, the version that has the largest (latest) Version Number is the one that takes precedence. In the below example, two versions of the 'Acid-Base Titration' Experiment have been added to the same course:

When a Student logs in, only one 'Acid-Base Titration' Experiment is shown:
This will be 'Acid Base Titration' version 2.1 (the larger / later version number). In this case, version 2.0 will be unused and unseen by the Student. This can be confirmed by viewing the Student's Data under the 'Student Data' tab within the LabTutor Server Admin Pages, which displays the version of the experiment the Student is working under: