Is it possible to adapt the ML313C Cardiac Output Pod (with thermocouple) and the MLS340 Cardiac Output Module (for Windows only) for use with large animals such as pigs and sheep?

It is possible to use the thermodilution method but we recommend purchasing the ML313 Cardiac Output Pod (not including a thermocouple).

In larger animals, a stiffer thermocouple is required to maintain its shape within the vessel (the thermocouple supplied with ML313C would be inadequate for larger animals). If you already have a large animal T-type thermocouple, then it may be possible to interface it with the ML313 Cardiac Output Pod.

The MLA313 Cardiac Output Accessory Kit is for small animals only.

The Cardiac Output Module (for Windows) was not designed for large animal studies. The Peak Analysis Module may be used to calculate area under the thermodilution curve.

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