Is it possible to control more than one MPVS Ultra with only one PC?

The MPVS Ultra simultaneously and continuously measures high-fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume from the intact beating hearts of large and small laboratory animals.The system is controlled by the MPVS Ultra Control Interface software connected to the MPVS Ultra via USB. The Control Interface is used to set up the catheter and to do pressure and conductance/volume calibration.

Since there is no communication between the MPVS Ultra and the Control Interface during data collection the USB is not required at this stage. With this in mind it is possible to set up multiple MPVS Ultra units with one PC, but only one after the other as the software only recognizes one MPVS Ultra unit at a time. A situation where you like to record LV and RV PV loops in one animal simultaneously might ask for two MPVS Ultra units controlled by one computer.

  • Connect MPVS Ultra unit 1 to the PC first, set the catheter settings and perform the Pressure/Volume calibration using the MPVS Ultra Control Interface.
  • Then disconnect that MPVS Ultra unit 1 from the PC and quit the Control Interface Software.
  • Connect MPVS Ultra unit 2 and launch the Control Software. You can proceed with setting the catheter settings and Pressure/Volume
    calibration for the second catheter. You can leave this unit connected.
  • Proceed with data collection.

Be advised that this is NOT the intended way of using
these units and we will not be held accountable for any
unreliable behaviour. There is little experience, but it is very likely that two catheters in close proximity will interfere and create artifacts or noise issues.