Is it possible to have multiple channels (overlaid) in record overlay mode?

Yes! Although implementing this is not very straightforward currently.

  1. In LabAuthor, right-click on the Data Panel and select Properties...
  2. In the LabTutor Data Panel Properties dialog, ensure the correct data file is referenced
  3. Click the drop-down entitled Display mode: and select Channel Overlay
  4. In the box entitled Data channels:, type the names of the channels to be overlaid (separated by a comma)
  5. Beside the Display mode: dropdown, click Advanced.
  6. In the subsequent window, under Display, check the box for Overlay records (Record Overlay mode)
  7. Configure the remaining options as required
  8. Click OK
  9. Click OK in the Data Panel properties dialog to return to LabAuthor

This information is valid for LabTutor Server v4.0 and later