Is it possible to manually enter normalization values for the Auto Dual Wire Myograph - 510A/520A?

The Auto Dual Wire Myograph uses motorized micrometers to stretch the mounted vessels. This also helps to automate the normalization procedure as described in the manual.
Normalization parameters like Time, Wire diameter and Norm. Force are entered via the front panel or touch screen, respectively. It might happen that after the automatic normalization steps an error occurs "not enough steps to normalize."
In this case, go back to the Normalization Menu and change the parameter Norm. Force to a lower value. The value listed here is the stretch the motor will do for each step (default is 2mN). If the value is too high then there will be too few steps to calculate the pre-load, hence the error message. Just change it to 0.5mN (or lower) then there will be 4 times more steps.
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