Is it possible to order a custom Ventri-Cath PV-loop catheter?

Millar’s Ventri-Cath PV Loop catheters are designed for pig, sheep and other large animals. They all have the same dimensions of being 120 cm long and having a diameter of 5F. All Ventri-Cath models are equipped with 12 conductance electrodes and one pressure sensor between E4 and E5. Depending on ventricle size you can choose models with 7, 10, 12 or 15 mm electrode spacing.

While Millar has the option to add a splice to extend the Ventri-Cath there is no possibility to get for example a 7F Ventri-Cath. There is, however, a 6F PV-loop catheter with two pressure sensors available. The pressure sensors are located between the 5th and 6th electrode and 5 cm proximal to the 12th electrode.

Please contact your ADInstruments sales representative for further information.