Is it possible to swap tissue chambers from different DMT units?

If one wants to change from a wire myograph to a muscle strip myograph or vice versa and only change the chambers, one has to consider the following:
The connector on the 820MS chamber and the 620M is the same, so they could be interchanged, but connectors of other series (say 610) are different.
The 620M interface (the part with the touch display) has an output that is filtered. This is fast enough for arteries, but not necessarily for muscle strips.
The 820MS interface has the option for the user to select filtered or unfiltered output - meaning that if needed they can get the raw signal from the transducer through.
If the current speed of the 620M isn't enough, an option would be to update the firmware so that the interface becomes an 820MS - this involves shipment to DMT and a service fee.

For further details about what is possible and how to price, please contact your regional Support Personnel.

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