In LabTutor 4, what is the difference in access for Administrator and Instructor?

An Instructor can:

  • Access Instructor’s material for experiments
  • Add or update ADInstruments experiments from the install media or ADInstruments website
  • Add or update custom experiments
  • Add LabTutor Online Student Access Licenses
  • Create new courses
  • Edit existing courses
  • Edit student details (including deactivating and resetting passwords)
  • Add new students individually
  • Delete the experiment data for a student or group of students
  • Edit student experiment data by adding students to a group, allowing resubmission, rolling back or locking
  • View the status of experiments
  • Review student experiments

An Administrator can do all that an Instructor can do, and in addition can:

  • Configure the server with the department and organization names
  • Set the database backup time
  • Download and install a LabTutor Server Admin Certificate
  • Configure the SMTP server settings for emailing reports
  • Activate, deactivate or change LabTutor Online
  • Add, delete and edit Administrator and Instructor accounts
  • Import and export student lists
  • Bulk deactivate students
  • Bulk delete students
  • Delete student data
  • Archive courses

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0 or later.