My Students always forget their LabTutor Login / Password details when they come in to the lab - what can I do to minimize delays?

There are several methods you can employ to reduce the amount of time at the start of the lab due to Students forgetting their details. 
Important Note: It is up to you to determine if these methods are secure enough for your institution - in some suggestions you will have access to the Students' LabTutor Passwords/ LabTutor Login Details

1. Maintain an Excel List of Student LabTutor Details

Keeping a list of all students currently on the LabTutor Server is an easy way to keep track of Student Login Details, thereby making it easy to quickly recover a succession of Students' Username / UserID. 

It is possible to Export the details of all Students currently on the Server as a Microsoft Excel file, by going to the 'Export' option under the 'Students' tab:


It is important to keep this list secure if it contains the Students' passwords (as per Section 2 below).
2. Define Student Passwords

When Importing a Student List into the LabTutor Server, via the 'Import' section of the 'Students' tab, it is possible to set the Students' passwords as one of the Columns in the Student List (Note that passwords defined in this way still need to meet the LabTutor Minimum Password Requirements):

This will allow you to use the list you originally imported to quickly search for a Student's Password without having to manually reset each one in the Server, and force them to define a new password when logging in.

3. Utilize Student University Credentials as a Username / UserID

By using a common credential the Students' make use of, such as their Student / University number, it will be simple to remind students of what their Username / UserID is.

Note that it is NOT recommended that you make a Student's Password the same as their Username / UserID.