Tomcat is required for LabTutor 4 installations. What is Tomcat?

Apache TomCat is the server wrapper that is used to run LabTutor Server. This wrapper handles the database and communication aspects of LabTutor Server. It is seen as a service on the Operating System and needs to be running on the server machine in order for LabTutor to work. This software is installed as part of LabTutor Server.

By default, LabTutor Server is always running on the LabTutor Server computer, as it automatically starts whenever Windows starts up.

There are rare occasions when a user may need to start or stop the service manually (e.g restoring a previous database), which can done by going to: Start>All Programs>ADInstruments>LabTutor Server>Service Controller. The Service Status buttons in the Service Controller can be used to start or stop Apache TomCat and LabTutor Server.