Upon opening an Experiment with LabAuthor v4.5, an error displays stating "LabAuthor has found and corrected x issues...". What does this mean?

In some ADInstruments' Experiments authored in previous versions of LabAuthor, there was an issue whereby some aliases were allocated incorrectly, or answer IDs didn't contain "-Answer" in their suffix. This has since been addressed and the error (as shown below) simply notifies the user that the experiment they are attempting to open had such issues, which LabAuthor has subsequently fixed.
For more information, click Details... This will provide you with specifics of the incorrect answerIds or invalid aliases within your experiment and automatically copies this information to the clipboard for your reference. Upon clicking Details..., if you see "Incorrect answerId", then LabAuthor has fixed the issue and you should now save your experiment with these corrections.
However, if upon clicking Details..., you see "Invalid alias!", this is more severe and means that LabAuthor has had to remove alias status of the identified invalid page items. You should paste the error details somewhere handy, save this and contact technical support for further assistance. Invalid aliases will have to have their alias statuses manually reassigned.

This information is valid for LabTutor 4.5 and later.