What are the basic network requirements for the LabTutor Teaching Suite?

LabTutor 4 has been designed to work in a networked environment where there is a server that has LabTutor Server installed, and clients in a laboratory that have LabTutor Client installed. LabTutor Client machines do not require access to the Internet, however LabTutor Server requires a direct connection to the Internet to obtain software updates and experiment installers. Because of this, a 1Gbps wired network is the recommended configuration for optimal performance and reliability.

LabTutor Server is a webserver application and thus requires access to the standard ports a webserver runs on- these are ports 80, 443 and 8005. This also means that it is unable to run alongside other webserver applications that may be installed and accessing these ports.

It is not recommended that LabTutor be run through a proxy network. This is usually the nature of most University environments but an exception may be made to allow LabTutor unfiltered access.

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0 and later.