What are the MPVS Ultra Control Interface software parameters for the SPR-853 Small Animal PV-Loop Catheter?

The SPR-853 Pressure-Volume catheter is not included in the default list of catheters and parameters loaded when the Millar MPVS Ultra Interface software is installed. To use this catheter you will need to create a new entry for it under the Catheter Configuration Tab in the MPVS Ultra software.  Listed below are the parameters you will need to enter when creating a new catheter profile for the SPR-853 catheter.

New Configuration Name: Custom Catheter

Catheter Model:  SPR-853 

Catheter Part Number:  840-8127 

Catheter Size: 1.4 F

Catheter Length (cm): 49.5

Sensor Location: E2/E3

Electrode Spacing (mm): 4.0

Pigtail: No

Number of Electrodes: 4

Field Type: Single

Excitation Current (µA): 20

Gain: x1     

If you have questions or need further assistance with this issue, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.