What is the Data Pad

The Data Pad is a LabChart Window in which the user chooses parameters to be extracted from selections of LabChart data and tabulates the analyses.
1) To open the Data Pad, select "Data Pad" from LabChart's "Windows" menu or click the Data Pad button in the LabChart Tool Bar.
2) Within the Data Pad, select on a column header to open the Column Setup dialog. This dialog box has two scrolling lists of possible analysis functions.
NOTE: Some LabChart Modules and Extensions add extra analysis options to the Data Pad.
To analyze the data of interest, make a selection of data within the LabChart window. Choose the "Add to Data Pad" function from the "Command" menu. The values from subsequent selections of analyzed data are then logged to successive rows of the Data Pad (in a format previously devised when setting up the Data Pad window). The contents of the Data Pad can be copied to other applications, printed and/or saved as a text file. The Data Pad settings and contents are saved as part of the LabChart Data file. The settings ONLY can be saved in a LabChart Settings file.