What is the difference between Renaming a Page in LabAuthor and changing it's Title in Properties?

Each Item (for example a Content Page, Popup Page, Sub Page etc) in the LabAuthor Resources Menu (the left-hand menu) has 2 different naming options. These names serve separate functions:
Renaming an Item
An item within LabAuthor, such as a Content Page, can be Renamed by right-clicking on the page and selecting 'Rename':
Renaming an Item changes it's name in the Experiments's LabAuthor File Folder:
This is useful if you intend to import pages from this experiment in to other LabAuthor Experiments at a later time, but is not strictly required.
Changing an Item's Title
An Item's Title can be changed by right-clicking on an Item and selecting 'Properties'. You can then enter a new Title into the 'Title' text box:
The Title of an Item will appear in the Internet Explorer Tab, as well as in certain menus within the LabTutor Interface (for example, the Title of a Content Page appears in the drop-down navigation menu). As a result, setting an appropriate Title is important to allow Students to easily navigate through an Experiment: